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Our 6 Steps To Design Wins

Our goal is to initiate design creation and follow it through to order fulfillment! FLA Technology Sales, Inc. has won the API Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products Inc. #1 Design Win Registration Awarded at EDS 7 years in a row. As well as awarded the API Spectrum/Microwave #1 Award for Design Registration and Sales Growth.

1. Identify

FLA Technology Sales reads technical publications, talks to our Customers, Engineers, Project Engineers, and Subcontract team to identify new design opportunities for our principals.

2. Profile

Upon identifying a new design opportunity, the FLA Technology Sales team will either talk among themselves or our engineering partners to ascertain if we may have a technology to fit.  If the customer design requires a new technology, FLA Technology Sales will either schedule a visit or virtual meetings with the customer and our principal to discuss the various options.  We focus on those Hi-Rel accounts interested in new and emerging technologies.


3. Focus on Engineering

FLA Technology Sales team is comprised of Electrical Engineers and Business Majors who have worked with the Engineering community for more than 30 years.  FLA Technology Sales focuses on engineering at the various defense contractors and industrial accounts.  We spend more than 90% of our daily schedule calling or visiting with engineers to discuss current and new designs they are pursuing.  Ultimately, our focus is Design Wins.


4. Work with Distribution

FLA Technology Sales team has either worked at distributors or managed distribution in past careers.  For our principals engaging in distribution to serve our market, FLA Technology Sales’ experience helps us in interacting, setting sales strategy and making technical visits with distribution.


5. Write Visit Reports

FLA Technology Sales is focused on the development of new technology by our marketplace.  After engineering meetings with our principals, FLA Technology Sales writes very detailed visit reports summarizing our engineering meetings.  As technology is in constant motion, referring to these visit reports is very helpful.  Many Hi Rel programs take years to develop, as a result, our visit reports serve as a guide and blueprint for Design Wins.


6. Design Registrations

FLA Technology Sales will work with our principal distribution team on engineering visits, and to ensure that all proper paperwork is completed for design registrations, if required.


Design Win Success


A Quantic / Evans Representative, FLA Technology Sales Inc is a Manufacturer’s Representative Company with a strong focus on Electromechanical,  and RF Technology for Military, Avionics and Space markets in Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Working with the Ultalife Corporation’s Chief Engineer in Florida, Terry Johnson the FLA Technology Sales President secured a Quantic Evans Design win for a power supply application for the Sikorsky ME-60 Jayhawk and the Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk. The Quantic Evans capacitor was a TDD series, a hybrid capacitor that combines high capacitance and low ESR in a fully hermetic tantalum package. Quantic Evans has shipped the TDD series to Ultralife, and they have been used for EDU [Engineering Development Units] and LRIP [Low-Rate Initial Production].

Ultralife Corp is leading provider of advance, highest quality products for power and electronic solutions.

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