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Cooling Unit

Temperature Sensors Technology

HVAC as one would expect is a large market within Florida.  Selco Products is a US designer and developer of temperature sensing devices.  FLA Technology Sales has been able to implement Selco Products RTD’s and Thermocouples, NTC Thermistors, Electronic Temperature Controls and even their various Knobs to support an array of HVAC companies and others where monitoring a temperature differential is critical with their development activities.

RF Block

RF Radio, Antenna, IF Blocks

[SSDI, CML, EMI Solutions]

Control Panel

Interconnects, Switches

Distant monitoring of various activities within a manufacturing environment or circuit are critical and this is typically accomplished at the control panel.  FLA Technology sales has several technology partners who’s skills are best suited for this:  Nidec Copal [Brushless DC Fans, Joystick Encoder, Digital Potentiometer, Micro Blower], Nicomatic [Interconnects], Selco [Temperature Monitoring], SOTA [Chip Resistors], Union Technology Capacitors [Chip Capacitors], MWC [Various Cables] are all used in the development of Control Panels.

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