SSDI has released new, hermetic TVS products to offer overvoltage suppression for critical aerospace and defense applications. The ST10K100BT series delivers 10 kW of peak pulse power. This device was developed for a circuit breaker in a motor drive application for a space program. The TVS will protect the system by preventing parasitic inductive energy from causing avalanching in a FET.

Since a surface-mount package with a small footprint would be advantageous to the designers, SSDI developed a new ceramic button package. The ST10K100BT has a small footprint (0.45″ W x 0.6″ L max) and utilizes a direct bond connection rather than wire bonds for more efficient power dissipation. Other manufacturers are reluctant to maintain a wide range of voltages in inventory or distribution because Zener and TVS products typically require a different die to meet specific voltage ratings. The ST10K series offers voltage options from 18 to 100 volts. For higher voltage requirements, please contact SSDI as it can offer products up to 400 volts. SSDI was able to quickly supply mechanical samples for package qualification and engineering prototypes for rapid evaluation.

SSDI’s standard datasheet products are merely a small sampling of its capabilities. Due to its focus on providing solutions for specific customer needs, SSDI also builds a vast number of products in accordance with SCDs. A brief discussion about design requirements often reveals multiple ways that SSDI can support high-reliability programs. With its large inventory of Zener / TVS die and engineering design capabilities, SSDI is able to meet the specifications for both new designs searching for higher performance and legacy programs struggling with sustainment issues. With its in-house packaging/tooling capabilities, SSDI can offer legacy packages (e.g. stud mount, TO-can style packages, etc.) to TO-25x types to the latest surface-mount packages.