AMCOM New Services

AMCOM New Services

Introducing two New Services at AMCOM

AMCOM Communications is a highly regarded and leading RF microwave design and manufacturing company in the Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defense, Medical, and Industrial industries.

amcom communications new services

AMCOM manufactures a wide range of power FETs, MMIC power amplifiers, MMIC attenuators, MMIC switches, as well as diverse line of connectorized modules that include high-power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, attenuators, switches, phase shifters, frequency mixers, bias tees, and couplers. AMCOM also specializes in broadband, high-efficiency power amplifiers and switches.

AMCOM has recently introduced two new services. Introducing FilteLab, custom designed filters for your specific application. Offering bandpass, highness and lowpass filters in durable housing with reliable performance. They have committed substantial resources to better serve our customers looking for custom design solutions. Their highly trained staff of RF engineers are experts at custom designing hybrid circuits with output power from a few watts to hundreds of watts, frequencies from 1MHz – 40GHz with RF and DC connectors, which are ready to be inserted into your system, Module, SMT, or drop-in carrier package,including single DC voltage biasing, voltage regulation, temperature compensation, RF signal detection, self-protection circuitry, etc..

AMCOM’s engineers’ design experience includes over 150 successfully developed power modules. They also custom design MMIC circuit power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, phase shifters, attenuators, up converters, down-converters, switches and now custom filters . AMCOM utilizes smart compact design in ceramic or plastic packages in frequencies up to 40GHz. Their design team has successfully developed hundreds of MMIC circuits. AMCOM can help you in solving your custom design requirements.

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