Here’s a recent update from SSDI

A space program was pleased with the performance of SSDI’s 22 amp, 60 volt P-channel MOSFET, but also wanted to take advantage of SSDI’s design and packaging flexibility to simplify their design. After discussing the customer’s requirements, SSDI developed the SFH06055-20, a radiation tolerant high side power switch, which combines a low on-resistance P-channel MOSFET, a Zener diode to set a consistent gate threshold voltage, and a small signal, fast switching NPN transistor driver in a single LCC20 package. By incorporating three devices into one ceramic, surface mount package, the SFH06055-20 can simplify the design and optimize board space.

SSDI worked with the customer to configure the SFH06055-20 to meet their specific requirements. This 20 amp, 60 volt device has a low on-resistance of 51 mΩ typical and will be used to switch electrical loads for a satellite. Though SSDI can add resistors internally, the customer requested that the pin assignment for the SFH06055-20 work with the layout of the resistors on the board. By meeting programs’ specific needs, SSDI is making a long-term commitment that is only rewarded with every subsequent order. SSDI benefits from providing support for the full lifespan of the program and the customer has reassurance that there is no incentive for SSDI to obsolete the part.

Whether a program needs to replace an existing part or develop a new product, SSDI can offer innovative, high reliability solutions. Since SSDI typically builds to order, it can select from a wide variety of die and packaging to meet specific electrical and mechanical requirements. For example, SSDI can supply higher current (up to 50 A) and higher voltage (up to 200 V) versions of the power switch, which may require a larger package to accommodate larger die.